Brand Identity Design.
Our Process


Research & Analysis

Effective branding starts with effective thinking. But you can only do that when you have a clear picture of exactly how the land lies. So, stage 1 is to find out as much as we can about your company, your customers, competitors, the market; everything that has a bearing on your brand ID.

Design process step 1
Identity Creation


The brand strategy is based on the findings of the brand research. While the research phase is about exploration, this step is for focusing and consolidating your values, business aspirations and vision for the future. The strategy stage sets the tone of your communication, and provides a rallying point for your team in terms of brand values and business direction.



Our team will think, explore, experiment and keep coming back to your brand essence to develop:

  • Logo
  • Visual style
  • Typography
  • Colour palettes
Feedback on Ideas
Implementation and execution of elements


The culmination of weeks of work; your new brand identity is revealed to the world. You might think this is the easy bit; but it still needs care and attention in spades to coordinate such a vital and complex transition. It starts with the careful planning of the roll-out i.e. how and when certain aspects of your brand will be launched on various channels. Implementation can take many forms, from a few business cards to a website or series of product videos.

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