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Monday, December 7th, 2020

The ‘Buyer Persona Spring’ is the main concept that drives your digital business, it consists of your organisation, your buyer persona (or ideal customer) and 3 sub-strategies inbetween.

  • Understand your organisation
  • The buyer persona
  • Channel sub-strategy
  • Content sub-strategy
  • Data sub-strategy
Buyer persona spring

The Buyer Persona Spring

Understand Your Organisation

Your organisation is made up of the actual market you operate in, your business and it’s competitors, your products/services and your brand. Your organisation must interact with the buyer persona. Masters in Digital Marketing teaches that as a starting point, all the elements of your digital strategy must support the overall aims of your organisation. Your aims, objectives and marketing activities must all align and complement each other.

The Buyer Persona

The buyer persona is a representation (through a single persona) of the many buyers who want your products or services who seek an association with your brand. The goal is to individually address a specific point of interaction within the circle of users. Consumers, Customers or Influencers.

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The Three Sub-strategies

By using the sub-strategies of Channels, Content and Data we can bring the ‘organisation’ and the ‘buyer persona’ together!

The 3 Sub Strategies of Digital Marketing

Channel Strategy

Your Channel strategy should focus on where your buyer persona is, do they use social media, if so which ones.

Content Strategy

Curating content, workflow management, images, anything that involves content to engage your audience.

Data Strategy

The use of real time data using Google Analytics to collect insights about your buyer persona. The more data you have, the more accurate your digital marketing campaigns will become.

The Campaign

Engage your buyer persona. Digital Marketing Strategy

Within each sub-strategy we create a constantly evolving digital campaign. We create the strategy and show the tactics we will use to target the buyer persona. We create the campaign and monitor the results!

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