Maximise your digital presence

Tuesday, February 9th, 2021

Starting an Online Business

Have you got a killer business idea but don’t know where to start? Or maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur looking to move your businesses online. The key behind a successful online business is to maximise your digital presence.

Although evolving, the current Digital Business Maturity Pyramid recognises 5 levels of ‘digital maturity’. The ultimate aim is to move up the ‘digital business maturity pyramid’. Around half of SMEs in the UK still exist at Level 0 of the model, meaning they have no digital presence at all.

  • Research the market
  • Sales strategy
  • Optimised website
  • Driving Traffic to your Website
  • Build a Reputation

With the shift from a physical to virtual setting, the eCommerce market has gained a tremendous amount of popularity, with new players entering the market every day. Similar to any other business, the thought process that goes behind starting an online business requires entrepreneurs to find an underlying consumer need or want and fulfil it. In this article we will explore the tactics, you can apply in order to start and grow your digital business, in a sequential manner.

Research the Market

There is an ample supply of products over the internet which is why researching and understanding the consumer market before settling on the kind of products and services you want to offer is important. In order to maximise your digital presence, you need to put forward a product and an ideology that fulfils the needs of your buyer persona and yields maximum utility for them.

You can do this by circling questionnaires in your target market to understand your audience or visiting online forums and shortlisting the problems that people are discussing. Comprehend and analyse the data that you’ve gathered and list down the possible alternatives that you could present to people. If you’re just starting out, don’t make the common mistake of looking for products to market, Instead find the market and create the product to satisfy the need. To boost your chances of success, find a target audience who are searching for a solution to a problem. Sounds easy right?

Sales Strategy

When marketing your product, make sure you have an eye-catching headline and your product description should be concrete enough to explain how your product tackles the customer’s problems and builds credibility for your brand. You can maximise your digital presence by launching sales and promotional offers to create a sense of urgency to promotes sales. An additional step would be to make your online platforms inclusive of customer reviews and feedbacks which could build more credibility for your brand.

Building Your Digital Presence

Now that you’ve ticked the boxes for the processes that need to be carried out in the background, let’s focus on giving your business a platform. Website design is as important as any other part of the process. Your website should be strategically designed in order to catch the attention of the customer in mere seconds. Add graphics and short animated videos to create a better user experience. The overall layout shouldn’t be too overwhelming for the customer and should be easy to navigate. Incorporating SEO techniques in your website will maximise your digital presence by generating better rankings for your page.

Driving Traffic to your Website

As mentioned above, the key to maximise your digital presence is to apply SEO tactics. These include using keywords, generating relevant URLs, optimising your website and many other features. You can utilise the pay-per-click advertising to generate immediate results. The ranking that search engines allot to your business could make or break your progress.

Build a Reputation

We’re living in a digital age where people often research the product they want to buy before making the actual purchase. Because of the plethora of options available, it is highly likely that a customer will stray from your website. Make sure that information about your products is available on various sources, engage with your audience, don’t make the content of your website redundant and seize every opportunity you can to maximise your digital presence and build more credibility.

More Marketing

The key to sustaining your success lies in digital marketing. Include ‘invite a friend’ option on your social media platforms, send out personalised emails to your customers, collaborate with other brands, engage your ideal customer, give out PR packages and advertise your product to the right market. Make sure your marketing strategies are in line with the evolving trends.


We hope this article helps you get a better grip over what you can do to maximise your digital presence and sustain the progress of your business. Even though the nature of the internet is rapidly changing, the basic guidelines behind starting an online business have remained consistent. You can alter these key things to suit the preferences of the modern world and give it a more customized touch but the underlying principle remains the same. Set out a strong foundation for your online business, make it unique and innovative and it will flourish.