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What is Organic SEO?

Generate more traffic with Search Engine Optimisation

What is SEO?’ is a frequently asked question. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of your website for relevant search terms.

Organic SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach; many factors come together to form your SEO strategy. The organic part is used to differentiate between non-paid SEO methods and paid SEO methods such as PPC.

Local SEO is also necessary if your company operates in the ‘local area.’ Your overall SEO strategy, while similar, has many differences. Local business SEO complements organic SEO by increasing your company’s visibility among local customers. When you use specific ‘local keywords’ to target people who are looking for products and services in their immediate area. You can use these strategies to improve your chances of being discovered by your customers.

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Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

What Is An SEO Strategy?

The Four Elements of Your SEO Strategy

Strategic Keyword Research

Identify the main keywords that are essential to your business, are likely to be search terms used by your buyer persona.

On-page Optimisation

Develop your content to reflect your keyword research. Implement Meta Tags and ensure all your headings are optimised for search engines. Internal page linking in addition to text and image optimisation are also essential for SEO.

Off-page Optimisation

Develop your content and channel sub-strategies that will generate relevant links back to your website. A backlink audit to see who is linking to your website, some will be good whilst some not so good!

Monitoring the Market

The constantly evolving aspect of your SEO strategy. Monitor competitor’s activity, as well as key seasonal trends in your industry.

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Our SEO Process

Website SEO Audit

Website SEO Audit

We start with an audit of your website to understand how much SEO work is needed.

Competitor analysis

Competitor Research

Next, we research your competitors and carry out a competitor analysis to see what’s working well, and what isn’t.

Strategic Keyword Research

Strategic Keyword Research

Once our competitor analysis is complete, we carry out keyword research to identify the best keywords for your business .

SEO Strategy Creation

Create Your SEO Plan

To ensure we’re all reading from the same page, we will create your page by page SEO plan to show what’s going to be implement.

Launch Your SEO Strategy

Start Search Engine Optimisation

3, 2, 1… we’re ready to launch your SEO strategy, starting with your on-page optimisation and your content plan.

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