Digital Advertising

Animated Ads for Carole Nash

Project Details

We needed to bring a current print campaign to life in order to increase awareness across digital channels. The current online ads (animated .gifs) weren’t performing as well as they could so a different approach was needed to increase engagement.

What we did

Using the base PSD files, and resizing the A4 sized artwork to fit the new digital ad sizes, the new layouts were created and ‘layered’, ready to be brought in to Google Web Developer (GWD) to create the animations. Some of the adverts were too small to include an image so text-only versions were also created.

Client Details

Altrincham, UK
Carole Nash


Adobe Photoshop

Digital ads
MCN Magazine ad placement
Animated ads
HTML5 code

Media placement for the ads

The animated ads were strategically placed, targetting the buyer persona at the right place at the right time. Ad placements across MCN online, and other digital channels. The result was crisp animated graphics.

Ad placement in Motorcycle Online