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Ongoing Website Fees in the UK 2021

Ongoing Website Fees

Before we get on to building the website, there are other things which need to be taken care of first. Ongoing website fees including the domain name and hosting are mandatory, but website support and updates are optional. If you’re confident in updating the website yourself, or more importantly if you have the time – this would save you at least £420 per year in maintenance fees.

Domain Registration

A domain name is simply your website address, or URL (eg. Choose one which is relevant to your online business and try and get both and .com versions if possible, it also helps to prevent cybersquatting. Domain’s are relatively cheap and come in lots of different flavours! New TLDs (Top Level Domains) are also available which enable you to have a different extension such as .guru, .digital as opposed to the usual, .com, .org etc.

Website Hosting

Every website needs a place to live in cyberspace, a place to ‘host’ your website. Web hosting usually comes with an enticing first year offer but then sting you for the renewal, be sure to read the small print. If you go for a website built on the WordPress CMS platform look for website hosting which enables a ‘one-click’ installation of WordPress, and has Litespeed Cache enabled – more on that later. We use Guru as our webhost.

Optional Maintenance

WordPress core and security updates need to be taken care of and installed promptly. Any themes or plugins which are used on your website also need to be updated accordingly to ensure a smooth, secure operation of your site.