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How to Start Your Website – The Basics

A Mobile Optimised Website

Once you’ve got your marketing and products, and you’ve nailed down your selling process, now you’re ready to start your website.

Your digital business needs to have a responsive website (meaning the layout changes depending on the viewers screen size), this has been a necessity for a while now, but more recently Google has added mobile optimisation to it’s ever-changing ranking algorithms.

As most ‘early research’ search requests on the internet are conducted on a mobile device, before continuing the later stages of the buying process on a laptop or home computer, so cater to these mobile users first.

What kind of website Do You Need?

What’s the sole purpose of the website? is it to act as a simple online brochure website to showcase your products or services, or do you need shopping cart functionality to process online orders?

Suitable for sole traders such as plumbers and electricians, a simple website with contact details and an about us page.

Custom built websites are the better option if it’s within your budget, or based on an existing WordPress theme. The best option for those who needs more than just a basic website.

If you want to sell goods online there are a few options available. We recommend a combination of WordPress and WooCommerce, integrated with Stripe digital payment gateways and Wave digital invoicing.

Suitable for freelance designers and photographers but can stretch to any industry with the sole purpose of displaying images and lightboxes.

If you’re a blogger then you’ll want one of these!

Website Style & Functions

Your business website follows the style of your brand if you have one, if not then it’s time to act. Your brand helps you to stand out against your competitors, and instil trust in the minds of your customer’s. Brand awareness and recognition are essential to your digital business. A web design specialist can build a website to reflect your brand identity.

Collect some visual inspiration on Pinterest, and have a think about the kind of feature’s and functions you may need on your website. Most websites have at least one contact form, but there are load’s of different things you can add such as marketing automation, drip marketing campaigns, CRM integrations, booking facilities, the list is endless. Spend some time mulling this over to get a solid idea of how you’d like your website to function.

Check the websites of your competitors to see what works and what doesn’t. Make sure to include an opt-in offer to start collecting email addresses for future digital marketing. Once you know the kind of website your business needs, and have an idea of the style and functionality you require we can move on to the next step of purchasing your domain name and hosting.

Revotion believe a digitally focused business, professional brand identity and an optimised, mobile-first website promotes a strong digital footprint, and a solid foundation on which your business can thrive. Don’t know where to start? Talk to us today!

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